Knowledge is our core business

aiming at scientific and societal impact

What we do: primary topics and more

NUS and Deltares focus their strategic cooperation on three societal challenges: Adaptation to Climate Change, High Density Living and Urban Water Management.

For each of these topics, the Alliance develops 'knowledge portfolios', consisting of fundamental and applied research, knowledge transfer and specialist consultancy. By interconnecting these activities they can all contribute – be it on different time scales – to the innovations that society is looking for.

A distinguishing and cross-cutting element in our portfolios is the development of unique data-, model- and informationsystems. They are crucial to capture knowledge, to integrate and transfer it, and make knowledge applicable. These systems enable therefore well educated analyzes and decisions on the desired aggregation level.

Since the scope of expertise of NUS and Deltares extends beyond our three primary topics, the Alliance can also facilitate research, training and specialist consultancy over a much wider area of expertise, ranging from port development to environmental issues. Therefore our total portfolio also includes activities that are not directly related to our primary topics.

We develop

The fundamental and applied research programs of NUS and Deltares form the basis of our knowledge portfolios. In these programs, new knowledge is created, serving as input for roadmaps that result in new innovations with societal impact.

Our research

We share

Our philosophy is that knowledge should be shared and disseminated. We do that through courses and webinars, and by our open source software policy.

Our courses & webinars

We apply

Societal challenges require multidisciplinary approaches. In our projects, recently developed knowledge from various domains is brought together and made applicable. This 'integration-by-application' approach, combined with stakeholder involvement, results in dedicated innovative solutions for our clients.

Our projects

  • Data, models and information systems

    Data, models and expert knowledge are important sources of information about the actual and expected state of water- and soil systems. In our integrated information platforms we combine them, using concepts from data science and hydro-informatics. This results in the best possible information, at the relevant spatial and time scales and at the desired aggregation levels.

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  • Software

    Our advanced data-, model- and information systems all are developed and maintained according to best software practices. These software tools are not only essential for our work, but are also important vehicles through which we share our knowledge and technology. Our open-source policy enables a large community to use and/or further develop these tools.

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  • Facilities

    In our research, field and laboratory experiments are indispensable to improve our understanding of processes and to obtain validation data. In specialist consultancy, we use experimental facilities to investigate phenomena in case numerical models are not yet capable to describe them with sufficient accuracy. Jointly, NUS and Deltares dispose of unique laboraties and facilities.

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